Why Your Business Needs Print Marketing

Why Your Business Needs Print Marketing

At Gold Rabbit, we love designing brochures and marketing materials. In our years of experience in industry, designing and creating brochures, product catalogues, documents, school prospectus’, and presentations for meetings, we’ve seen first-hand how well-designed print marketing material can increase a business’ sales, create the right impression at client meetings and at trade shows, and give the organisations image a boost.

Every business would benefit from having well-designed print marketing that can capture their target audiences’ attention.

Print Marketing and Design
Brochures for trade shows


We see the value of brochures. Thoughtfully presented, they provide an excellent opportunity to spark interest and create a positive and appealing impression. A professionally designed and eye-catching brochure holds customers attention and cements the impression that your business is reputable and stands for quality. It helps to build trust in the eyes of customers.

A brochure is a versatile marketing tool that can be used to promote your business or organisation in many settings. For instance, it can be placed in office reception rooms, in meeting rooms, and in waiting rooms for anyone to browse. It can act as an excellent aid to your sales team. It can be easily distributed at trade shows and other promotional events.

Brochures for trade shows

Products catalogue Design

Products catalogue

School prospectus design

Cut through the digital noise

In recent years, you might have noticed, we have become inundated with various forms of digital marketing. Websites, emails, social media, mobile phone apps and more, all vying for our attention. Strikingly designed, well organised quality print marketing are a fantastic way to engage with your customers, to cut though all the digital noise, and capture and retain their attention. 

Brochures engage the senses. A customer can see and appreciate the visual designs and thoughtful layouts. A brochure is interactive, customers can explore it. It is tactile, you can feel the different textures. There is a subtle art to print marketing design. 

Using the psychology of layout design, colour theory, and text hierarchy, we can guide a customer in their exploration of the information you want to present. A successful brochure is one that is designed to be a talking piece. 

Have you ever picked up a brochure just because of how it looked? You’re not alone. In addition to its visual appeal, a brochure is highly functional. It is a living document that can speak for your business when you are not there, representing your core values and beliefs in a completely unique presentation.

Are you a business owner or marketing manager looking for high quality, uniquely designed print marketing for your business?

Perhaps are you looking for new brochures for a trade show, or well-designed presentations for meetings? You may be looking to work with a design team to create a new school prospectus or design a new products catalogue. We are equipped with the latest design tools and technology.

We would love to hear from you. 

You know you have a quality product or service that you want to present to your customers. 

You should want to present this to them in the best light. At Gold Rabbit, with our bespoke print marketing designs, our goal is to shine the best light on your business.

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