5 Top Tricks to Improve Your Social Media Branding

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How to improve your social media branding
Social media has quickly become a powerful marketing tool for businesses and organisations. In addition to print media, newsletters, and broadcasting adverts, social media has emerged as an important channel where companies can raise awareness and connect with their customers. Below we outline 5 things to think about to help you improve your social media branding.

1. Social Media Branding

Is Your Logo Clear?

Your social media profile picture is one of the few instances where your logo will be confined to such a small space. Can your logo be seen clearly? If your logo contains an identifiable mark, or if can be minified into initials, it is a good idea to use a simpler version of your logo as it will be more legible. If you need your logo re-working into a suitable profile picture, we can help. 

2. Social Media Banners

Create an eye-catching profile banner

Your social media banner is one of the first things a visitor will see when visiting your business page. A banner can be an image, a video, or a custom made graphic. Whatever you choose, ensure that it adheres to your company brand guidelines by using company fonts, colours and graphics. Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have their own standard measurements, so make sure your design or image fits each page without any cropping on desktop and mobile. See social media banner measurements 2020 here.

3. Branded Social Media Graphics

Social Media Branding

If you want to share a new product or service, or a glowing testimonial you have received, it is a good idea to present your posts fully branded. Maintain consistent company fonts, colours, and imagery. The consistency of your branded posts builds recognition in the mind of your audience. This is a great way to increase your brand awareness on social media and attract new customers. You can see many examples of social media graphics we have produced for our clients in our case studies, see here.

4. Combine Different Media

Social Media GIFs, Videos and Slideshows

Posting with an image on social media will usually receive significantly more engagement than a text-based post. Use GIFs, short videos and slideshows for more variety. A GIF or short video is a great way to convey more information in a unique and engaging way.  Moving images are best used when you have an important message to say, or an event/product promotion. Below is an example of a GIF we created for an Education Company. We have produced social media GIFs for many of our clients, you can see some examples in our case studies.

5. Company Branding

Tone of Voice

It is important to keep your tone and language consistent when posting and interacting with customers on social media. If you have multiple employees posting to your social accounts, you should ensure the message is on brand and in character and is consistent on every platform. A good way to keep your tone of voice consistent is by having a comprehensive set of company brand guidelines to guide you in how to stay on brand when speaking with your audience.

Social Media Branding

Whether you are aiming to raise awareness of your brand, drive more traffic to your website, or increase customer engagement, social media can be a powerful tool. 

If done well, social media branding can be a highly effective way to present a professional and engaging image of a business or organisation and has a proven track record in creating and nurturing positive relationships with customers.

Especially if you are investing in social media advertising, you want to know that your graphics are working for your goals.

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