Social Media Banner Templates

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Social Media Banner Templates

Social Media Cover Page/Banner Templates 2019

Create your own social media banners with our social media banner templates.

If you use social media to promote your business then you will need an engaging image that makes an impact as soon as a visitor finds your page or profile. One of the best ways to do this is to have a well designed cover/banner image. 

Just to make life complicated, each social media platform have their own requirements and measurements for uploading a cover image. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as uploading a photograph or image, as typically they wont resize it for you. Have you ever seen a Twitter banner that is just a blurry logo? 

Social Media Banner Templates

You don’t need to create a different design for every social platform. Of course, you can if you want, but usually you can use the same design and apply it to the different requirements for each social platform. Create one design at multiple sizes and you’re good to go.

Note: The measurements for social media banners change from time to time, this will not affect your existing banner, but keep an eye on any changes if you want to upload a new design. The measurements below are up to date for 2019.

Sizes and Measurements

  • Twitter

1263px X 421px

There are other sizes you can use for Twitter but we recommend this size as Twitter will not resize it.

  • Facebook

Computer : 820px X 312px

Mobile : 640px X 360px

There are areas that are visible on mobile that are not visible on desktop. To cover all bases create the banner at 820px X 320px

  • Linked In

1584px X 396

Try to use an image as close to 8MB as possible to reduce pixelation.

Download our social media banner templates

We have created  social media banner templates so you don’t have to. Create your cover image for Twitter, Facebook and Linked In. You will need access to Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe Indesign to use the following templates. Alternatively you can use the measurements above and create your designs using free design software. We highly recommend using Canva, they have social media banner templates ready for you to start designing.

Don’t forget to export the below templates as png or jpeg to upload to your profile/business page.

PDFs (open with Adobe Illustrator)

Ai (open with Adobe Illustrator)

Id (open with Adobe Indesign)

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