Social Media Design

Social Media Design

In the digital age, many businesses have developed a strong presence online, using social media to raise brand awareness, generate leads, and attract more visitors to their website. More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of investing in digital design assets. In the UK, the number of social media users continues to grow and is predicted to reach 51 million by 2025. [source:1]

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram present a great opportunity for small businesses and organisations to network and connect with a potentially vast audience.  Although a great place to connect with customers, social media is a highly competitive space with many different businesses and organisations competing for attention.

Social media branding for  EdShift CIC, and Rural Energy Saving Grants 

Social media branding for  Core Facility Services, and East Riding Youth Dance 

Visual content is crucial to online success and can give a huge boost to a social media campaign. Carefully selected colour schemes, typography, images and other visual effects have a strong impact on viewers. Studies have found that social media posts that include visual elements generate around 94% more views compared to content published without an image and can increase the ‘click-through-rate’ by around 47%. [Source:2]

Eye-catching bespoke social media graphics are among the most effective social media marketing tools available. Gold Rabbit create engaging and memorable visual designs that will help you stand out from the stream of content published on social media.

Social Media Page Design for East Riding Youth Dance

Social Media Page Design

When a viewer clicks on your social media page, your profile picture, cover image, and background images appear most prominently and act as an introduction to your brand. These spaces, especially prominent on Facebook and Twitter, play an important role in determining how people perceive your brand online. 54% of active users use social media to research brands and products. [source:3] 

A social media page design built to align with your brand is essential to creating a social media presence that can become a real marketing asset. Regular updates with new visual designs keep your social media page fresh and engaging. These spaces can also be used to place a call to action or promote a new campaign or special offer.

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Social Media Post Design

Social media content with strong visual elements consistently outperform other kinds of content. Social media posts with visual content get results. Facebook posts with an image get more likes and comments, Tweets with visual content are much more likely to get engagement, and LinkedIn posts with images have a 98% higher comment rate. [Source:4] 

Our social media post designs are an asset for any digital marketing campaign. We can create a series of bespoke social post designs for any purpose – a sequence of messages to raise awareness of your business, promote an upcoming event or a new sale, or to display testimonials or customer reviews.

Connect with your audience and generate new leads with powerful visual content across your social media channels.

Social Media Price List

If you’re looking to work with graphic designers to create bespoke digital designs and graphics perfect for your social media channels, get in touch today! We would love to find out more about you.

At Gold Rabbit, we understand the importance of consistent and eye-catching visual designs for effective social media marketing. By leveraging the power of design, you can increase awareness of your brand, generate leads, boost engagement, and get your message out to a much wider audience.

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