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PowerPoint Presentation design for GAIN Community, and EdShift CIC 

Presentation Designs

Presentation designs combine graphics, imagery, creative layouts, animation, and other design elements to create engaging and visually appealing slides that help summarise a complex topic in an easily digestible way.

At Gold Rabbit, our stylish interactive digital presentation designs and presentation template designs are created to give you stunning visual communication tools in the right tone that help you get your message across more effectively.

A professional presentation design developed to align with your branding is a valuable communication tool adaptable in many different settings, adding visual flair to sales presentations, enabling the sharing of information easily, and encouraging more engagement on training days. Whether in a business or in an educational setting, a well-designed presentation with eye-catching visuals will hold your audience’s focus more intently. Our presentations are designed to: 

PowerPoint Designs

Presentations are everywhere. Approximately 35 million PowerPoint presentations are given every day worldwide. While the majority of presentations last longer than 30 minutes, most people lose interest within 10 minutes. [source:1] A recent survey found 79% of people agreed with the statement “most presentations are boring.” [source:2] 

Our visually focused PowerPoint presentation designs use illustrations, animations, creative layouts, graphs, charts, and other eye-catching visuals, to present a compelling story about your business, product, or service. At internal meetings, training courses, trade shows or sales events, well-designed slides memorably summarising the key points makes your message more impactful and is more likely to lead to positive engagement.

Did You Know?

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65% of people are visual learners. 

Surveys consistently show that audiences are more engaged and respond most positively to presentations that include strong visual elements. 

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91% of people feel that beautifully designed presentation slides would make them feel more confident giving a presentation.

Customizable, and easily shared and edited, our bespoke presentation designs are versatile digital communication tools. Inform, collaborate, and share important information visually with colleagues and clients.

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