Marketing Collateral

Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral can include any media material used to communicate your brand message and support your marketing and sales efforts. Professionally designed marketing collateral can be a major asset for your business. It serves different purposes depending on the intended goal. Whether you’re looking to generate leads, promote a new product, attract new customers, or engage existing customers, using the right type of marketing materials, with the right tailored messaging, is crucial to getting results.

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Pull up banner design

Banner design for Pedal Power

Marketing Materials

At Gold Rabbit, we design a wide range of professional marketing materials, from adverts and blog posts, stationery designs and brand guidelines, to branded t-shirts and visual aids for sales presentations. We understand the importance of approaching your audience with appropriate marketing material. The right designs serve to both strengthen a brand and get the message out there to customers effectively.

Most marketing collateral includes at least one call to action. It may be asking the audience to view your website or check out a blog post, or informing them about a special offer for a new product. Whatever your goal, our design process ensures we have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve before we begin our work and guarantees you will be happy with our final designs.

Marketing Collateral

T Shirt design for EdShift CIC

Our Design Process



We begin by speaking with you about your brand, your business, and asking you for a brief overview of your objectives. We agree project deadlines and arrange to present drafts of our designs to you by an agreed date.


Research and Planning

We learn about your brand and the key messages you want to get across. We research your business, your target audience, and your competitors, and begin brainstorming and planning different design elements.


Drafts and Feedback

Here we refine our design elements and develop several drafts and mock-ups. We present these drafts to you for review and feedback. Based on your review of the mock-ups, we make notes on how we can make further refinements for the final design.


Review and Finish

We pay close attention to reviewing your design feedback and make revisions where necessary. At this stage, clients are typically happy with the designs. We want all our clients to be happy, so we do all we can to ensure that the finished design is just how you want it to be.

Marketing Collateral Quote Calculator

If you’re a business or organisation looking to work with a graphic design agency to create marketing collateral, contact us today to discuss your goals. You can also see our retainer packages on our Full Service page here.

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