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A GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a bitmap image file type that allows you to create a series of animated images on a short, continuous loop. In recent years, the GIF has become a much-loved file format online. Mobile friendly, GIFs play automatically as viewers scroll their social media feed or open an email message. GIFs have become a fun and dynamic medium for brands to embrace animation and connect with customers in creative new ways.

At Gold Rabbit, we create original eye-catching GIFs for digital marketing campaigns. With our bespoke GIF designs you can:

Creative Marketing GIFs

Businesses are increasingly using GIFs creatively in their digital marketing to help personalize their brand, capture attention, and stand out from the crowd. Using animated GIFs on social media and embedded in marketing emails boosts engagement and increases conversions.[Source:1]

On average, a GIF increases a B2B business engagement by 10% and a B2C business by 20%.[Source:2] In 2014, Dell Technology released its first GIF-centric email marketing campaign to promote its new XPS 12 laptop model and saw a 42% increase in click rate and 109% increase in revenue when measured against previous campaigns.[Source:3]

An animated GIF is a hybrid between a video and an image. You can broadcast and share visually appealing and complex messages that can be absorbed by the viewer in just a few seconds. Guide calls to action, promote special offers, animate product illustrations, and much more. GIFs hold attention and are more engaging than static images. They can be an especially valuable marketing asset to small businesses as a low cost and convenient alternative to video content, which can be expensive and time-consuming to produce.

Many brands now see GIFs as an effective and versatile tool in their digital marketing campaigns.

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