Brochure Design

Brochure Design

A Brochure design is a great opportunity to showcase your business or product to a large audience of potential customers. Design decisions play a huge role in how effective a brochure will be in engaging the reader, holding their attention, and encouraging them to take the next step.

Our brochure designs combine creative layouts, images, illustrations, infographics, typography and other design elements to create distinctive, memorable brochures that help you get your message across. For small businesses, a beautifully designed brochure with a well-crafted message is a cost-effective way to promote your business and help build trust in your brand. 

At Gold Rabbit, our brochure design process ensures we’ll create the perfect brochure for you, designed to connect with your audience and help you achieve your marketing goals.

Brochures and Leaflets for Core Facility Services, EdShift CIC,  Quality 4 Health and Eclipse Energy

Printed Brochures

The traditional printed brochure has been a key piece of marketing collateral for many years. While in recent times digital marketing has come to prominence, the tried and trusted printed brochure continues to be a valuable marketing asset, especially for small businesses.

A printed brochure design is an extremely versatile marketing tool in many different settings. In sales conversations it can help guide the discussion and highlight key sales points. Copies can be shared for other decision makers to review. They can be distributed by direct mail, handed out to audiences at an industry event or after a presentation.

At Gold Rabbit, we design printed brochures for every purpose, including company brochures, sales brochures, annual reports, and product catalogues. Our printed brochures can be produced with page inserts or in booklet form and come in numerous different folding styles – single fold brochures, bi-fold brochures, tri-fold brochures and more.

Digital Brochures

Make your brochure digital. Share your brochure online as well as in print. We create interactive e-brochures that can be downloaded from your website and shared quickly and easily through email or across social media platforms. Our digital brochures can be simply electronic version of your printed brochure, or we can add animations and interactive features that engage more with the viewer.

A digital brochure can act as an important customer touch point linking and integrating your print and digital marketing. Our digital brochures are user-friendly, mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and customizable – allowing you and your team to edit and share and update your brochure with new information whenever you want. We can also add useful links to external sites or other pages within the brochure.

A digital brochure is a great additional to your website. In the internet age, as more and more people communicate on smartphones, tablets and other devices, professionally designed e-brochures give you more opportunities to reach out to more of your target audience.

Brochures Price List

If you’d like Gold Rabbit to design a brochure for you, whether it’s a printed brochure or a digital brochure, or both, see our price list below and get in touch today. We’d love to learn more about you.

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