Good Client Relationships

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Designer and client relationships

It is difficult to overstate how vital strong and positive working relationships are in determining the success of a graphic design project. For any project to be successful, it is critical to establish a relationship between designer and client that is based on open and clear communication, mutual understanding, and trust. At Gold Rabbit, we understand this. We always strive to become a trusted partner with our clients. 

Here are some of the key qualities of design project management that contribute to successful and productive working relationships:


Successful design project management stem from a clear brief. From the initial meeting, to the completion of the project, clear communication is paramount. Clarity, with regards to the client’s problems, goals and deadlines, goes a long way to ensuring the whole project runs smoothly.

Good communication ensures a client is happy with how the project is progressing. It ensures that the designers have a good understanding of the client’s goals. Client feedback is an invaluable tool. It provides important information the designers can use constructively to improve the project.

Respond promptly to all communication. For instance, acknowledge the receipt of a client’s email as quickly as possible. You may not be able to resolve the matter right away. However, acknowledging that you are aware of this new issue and are working to resolve it as soon as possible gives clients piece of mind. The matter is being addressed. Always summarise next steps. Align with your client to ensure you are on the same page with where the project is and agree on the next steps.

Communication is key. One of the first things we do at Gold Rabbit is establish a strong brief to make sure we can achieve our clients marketing goals and understand their business. We pride ourselves in being clear on our deliverables and schedules. Our clients are provided with direct, on demand contact with a personal Project Manager. We provide email updates and feedback on projects and organise meetings to discuss our clients project at every stage.

Good Client Relationships


Good designers should learn as much as they can about their client’s business, and their industry. This knowledge allows the designer to understand the challenges and issues affecting their client. It puts them in a better position to devise the most effective marketing positioning and use their graphic design expertise most effectively. For instance, at Gold Rabbit we go the extra mile to ensure we know where our clients are coming from. We research our clients, their competitors and their industry, to gain valuable insight and a more thorough understanding of their objectives for the design project.

It’s crucial to have a full understanding of our clients and their objectives. Ongoing discussions and discovery sessions are a key part of our process, so we can get to know your business inside out. We conduct thorough research into your industry, your competitors and the market you are positioned in or want to be positioned in. The findings from the research and analysis, combined with our clients input and feedback, become the foundations of our designs.

Working with a designer


A client should have faith in their designer’s expertise. A good designer will have conducted thorough research for the project and will be able to explain every decision. In turn, the designer should demonstrate to their client that they have their best interests at heart and seek to be a trusted advisor. Trust is a precious thing. It takes time to develop. Putting your client’s needs first, taking the time to learn about their business and its challenges, and continually demonstrating your design expertise to your clients are key to helping designers develop a strong and trusting relationship with their client.

With our client-focused process, Gold Rabbit aims to put our clients interests first. We harness our graphic design expertise, creativity and marketing experience, towards creating quality solutions that produce real results for your business. With regular communication, on demand, and a desire to build trust with those we work with, we focus on ensuring we always deliver on our promises.

Working with a designer

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