Social Media Post Design

What They Asked For

A collection of branded and editable social media post designs and templates for Utopia’s social media marketing channels.

Utopia use their social media accounts consistently to advertise and promote their brand and services, to keep their members informed about the latest news and events, and to connect with a wider audience. They regularly advertise their classes and workshops through social posts accompanied with basic imagery or graphics. They were looking for graphic designers to create a range of new social media post template designs aligned with the recent Utopia rebrand. Utopia explained that although social media is one of the main ways they connect with their members and potential audience, they did not have a dedicated social media manager, or an organised plan for how their social accounts would be managed. They managed their social media channels as a team, with posts created by different team members on different days. They have been having difficulties maintaining a consistent style in their social media posts and wanted to have a collection of high-quality, well-designed and branded social media post templates to address this problem.

They wanted us to design a collection of social media post templates in a style inspired by their new brand identity. They wanted our template designs to be editable documents, to allow staff members to easily create new social media posts, allowing them to replace text and images on the posts to promote new Utopia events, announcements, and class schedules. They asked us to create a total of fifteen different templates that they could use to promote their wide range of classes, workshops, events, parties, and holiday camps.

The team at Utopia were familiar with using a specific social media post template website and expressed that they wanted our post designs and templates to be compatible so that they could easily edit any templates that we create for them.

What We Did

We reviewed Utopia’s existing social media post designs and examined the design brief for the project, so we had a clear understanding of what Utopia wanted. We used Utopia’s company brand guidelines throughout the design process to ensure the designs we created aligned with and complimented their new brand image.

We brainstormed various layouts and design elements and asked for Utopia’s feedback. We developed a series of different posts, including three posts to promote the opening of Utopia Wakefield, encouraging people to bring their children to try their new gymnasium by offering free ‘taster sessions,’ and a post design to announce the special discount that Utopia were offering to ‘Blue Light Workers,’ those who worked for emergency services or the NHS.

We created a range of social media post templates using Utopia’s colourful brand colours, and fun and bold design elements inspired by their brand, with carefully selected images to promote and advertise their holiday camps, open play sessions, parties, and dance and gymnastics classes. Each post design presented Utopia’s brand and message clearly and included a call to action and contact details to prompt viewers to book a session.

We consulted the current post and image size guidelines for social media platforms Facebook and Instagram to ensure our post designs were correctly sized to fit within their guidelines. We presented Utopia with drafts of the social media post designs and adjusted elements based on their feedback. Once Utopia were happy with the final edits, we sent them a digital file of the social media post designs in an easily editable format.

What They Said

“Gold Rabbit did a fantastic job with our rebrand project. They were quick to understand what we were looking for. They listened, and they really kept us informed throughout the project. We love the new logos, and the exterior design for our Wakefield gym is just how we wanted it. Gold Rabbit are a delight to work with. If you’re looking for talented Graphic Designers for a design or branding project, I can highly recommend Gold Rabbit!”

Kirstie Limbert – MD