Company Rebrand

What They Asked For

Rebrand for their gymnastics company including a new logo design and creating new brand assets.

Utopia explained that they had been using their ‘Utopia Gymnastics’ logo for several years. Their business has evolved and grown over this time, and they felt that their branding no longer fully represented their business in the way they wanted. They wanted their brand to be more youthful and energetic, with a logo design and colour palette that would show them as a youthful brand and be more appealing to their young audience. They wanted us to develop a new suite of brand colours for the logo design that Utopia could also use to colour-code their classes and services. For example – Pink for ‘Baby & Toddler’, Yellow for ‘Dance,’ and so on.

They also wanted us to explore the idea of having two separate versions of their logo while maintaining a clear aesthetic link between the two versions. They wanted each version of the logo to appeal to the two broad age groups that make up their membership. One version, a fun and colourful logo to appeal to Utopia’s younger members, and another version, a more modern and ‘edgy’ logo design, to appeal to older members in their teens.

Branding Design for Gymnastics

What We Did

During our rebrand consultation with Utopia, we discussed what they wanted to achieve with their new branding. We identified their main problem areas, and we agreed on a strategy to approach the rebrand. The initial phase began with research into Utopia’s competitors, similar businesses within the industry and research into the dance and gymnastics industry. We reviewed different types of existing gymnastics brands and logos in the industry throughout the UK, and more locally across Yorkshire.

Research and Findings

Through our research we discovered recurring themes in branding for gymnastics companies similar to Utopia. We found a tendency to use generic gymnastics iconography, illustrations, slightly dated artwork, and decorative typography that looked somewhat unprofessional. We found larger Gymnastics brands were focused on simplicity and vibrancy. They used clean typography to create a bold impact. As Utopia wanted to grow their business and break away from the common gymnastics branding, we used our research for inspiration to place Utopia in the market they were aiming for. Utopia often use embroidery on the branded clothing they sell. We understood that the logo design had to be simple and bold enough to have impact at any scale. The new logo must be simple and bold so that it would be effective on clothing, merchandise and on large scale print.

We presented our findings to Utopia and they agreed that they wanted their brand identity to be modernised in line with larger brands in the market in a way that would help them stand out from their local competitors.

First Round

We presented three logo design concepts as first drafts for Utopia to review. For these three designs, we were inspired by the movements of dance and gymnastics, and wanted to use bold, bright colours to underline the sense of energy we wanted to capture. We also employed a simple font style that we were confident would appeal to all age ranges.

Utopia were most excited about logo number 3. Their feedback focused on wanting us to make the overall style more child friendly. We decided to soften and round the edges of the box and the font, and added more primary colours from our selected colour palette for a more child-friendly look. Utopia wanted the letters on the logo to be the same style and size, so we resized and aligned the lettering to create a uniform design.

Second Round

Utopia felt a strong connection to two of the designs we presented. After considering the options, they decided that they wanted to have two separate logos for the two age groups. They wanted to use the solid, bold colours for all activities for young children including pre-school, holiday camps and parties. The gradient logo would be used for any marketing aimed towards the older age group and their more advanced classes.

Brand Guidelines and Logo Files

Once Utopia had approved the final designs for the logos and new brand, we created a set of brand guidelines for Utopia staff so that they could always refer to it as a point of reference and style guide for best practice when they use their branding on any marketing activity. We also sent a full suite of logo files including colour variations, image files, and vector files.

What They Said

“Gold Rabbit did a fantastic job with our rebrand project. They were quick to understand what we were looking for. They listened, and they really kept us informed throughout the project. We love the new logos, and the exterior design for our Wakefield gym is just how we wanted it. Gold Rabbit are a delight to work with. If you’re looking for talented Graphic Designers for a design or branding project, I can highly recommend Gold Rabbit!”

Kirstie Limbert – MD