Exterior Branding

What They Asked For

Exterior design for Utopia Wakefield gymnasium and dance club, including banner designs and large poster designs.

Utopia were planning to expand their business by opening a second location for their dance and gymnastics club. The second location would be in Wakefield. They wanted graphic designers to design the exterior for Utopia Wakefield using Utopia’s brand design and brand colours to create an eye-catching and visually engaging branded exterior.

They explained that the new location in Wakefield would be situated alongside a main road, and they anticipated there would be a lot of traffic and footfall passing by. They wanted to take advantage of this, and the plentiful, well-placed wall and window space of the property, to grab attention and raise awareness of their brand with well-designed branded signage and eye-catching banner designs.

Utopia wanted us to create a series of wall banners and large posters advertising their services and help to determine the most effective layout composition for the available wall space and window space. They provided the details of the information they wanted to present in the banners and posters, including smaller banners with contact information and opening times, branded window graphics, and banners and posters including information about their regular workshops and classes.

They outlined their ideas for how they wanted the exterior to look. They wanted it to be strongly branded in bright colours with high visibility. They wanted an eye-catching arrangement of banners and posters to promote their brand and outline their key services, and raise visibility and interest in their brand in the Wakefield area. They wanted to make a bold impact with exterior design inspired by their new brand image.

Building and Exterior branding

What We Did

After our design brief with Utopia, we conducted a brainstorming session to gather our ideas and to clarify that we understood everything on the brief and had a good idea of what Utopia wanted us to achieve. We liaised with Utopia’s chosen printing company to gather the correct measurements and images of the building so we could scale and prepare all the artboards accurately. We experimented with design elements in Utopia’s brand colours and developed layout ideas for the banners and posters. Utopia sent us the text they wanted to include in each banner. We started working on creating layouts, placing the text, and arranging space. We developed a range of various sized boards, employing bold text, clean space and bright colours inspired by Utopia’s branding.

We consulted with the printing company so that we understood the materials they would be using to print the banners and boards. We decided to avoid using any gradient designs as they would not be suitable for the print materials. We agreed to use flat solid colours. The effect on the material would render the colours bolder and brighter, and the designs would sustain regular sunlight for longer without damage. Alongside designing the individual banners and boards, we also thought about how best to place each banner or board on the wall or window space, and how the layout of the banners fitted together as a composition.

After completing the first draft of the exterior designs, we created and presented Utopia with a full mock-up to show how the banners would look together as a set on their building. We presented Utopia with drafts of the banner designs throughout the design process and asked for their feedback and suggestions. We adjusted the designs based on their suggestions to ensure they were just how they wanted them.

Once the final designs had been approved by Utopia, we organised the print files and delivered them to the printing company ready for print and installation onsite at Utopia Wakefield.

What They Said

“Gold Rabbit did a fantastic job with our rebrand project. They were quick to understand what we were looking for. They listened, and they really kept us informed throughout the project. We love the new logos, and the exterior design for our Wakefield gym is just how we wanted it. Gold Rabbit are a delight to work with. If you’re looking for talented Graphic Designers for a design or branding project, I can highly recommend Gold Rabbit!”

Kirstie Limbert – MD