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An independent car finance broker specialising in funding solutions for prestige, sports, and classic cars.

Oracle Finance are a leading car finance company based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. They help customers fund new or used vehicles from UK motor dealers or private sellers. They are the UK’s No.1 funder for prestige, sports & classic cars. Oracle Finance work with some of the biggest lenders in the industry to develop competitive finance products to offer their clients greater choice and flexibility. They are one of the UK’s most trusted independent car finance brokers, with over 15 years’ experience, and have to date provided over £1bn of funding to customers. They offer competitive funding solutions, refinancing, and equity release products. Their team fund vehicles from £25,000 through to multi-million-pound classic cars and supercars.

Oracle were looking for graphic designers to create PowerPoint presentation designs as training aids when inducting new employees. They explained that they were preparing for an upcoming training and induction week for new employees and wanted to revitalise and update their training material by designing two new branded PowerPoint Presentations. They wanted the presentation designs to act as a professional and stylish visual aid for their induction sessions, with slides outlining important information including details about the Oracle story, the company sales process, and the development and training opportunities that will be available to their new employees.

We met with Oracle to discuss the presentation designs they wanted and to understand more about their services, their customers, and the Oracle brand. We discussed Oracle’s company values, their customer base, and the desired tone and look they wanted us to create in the designs. We explained our design process, how we would share design drafts and consult with Oracle at every stage of the design process to ensure they were happy with how the designs were developing. We also established a timetable for delivery to ensure we have completed the presentation designs on schedule and ready for Oracle’s upcoming induction week.

PowerPoint Presentation Design

What they asked for

A full redesign of two PowerPoint Presentations to be used for induction and training for new employees.

Oracle were preparing to welcome new recruits to the company and were looking for graphic designers to create two new branded PowerPoint presentation designs to aid their induction training. Oracle explained that they were unsatisfied by PowerPoint presentations that they had been using for this training and wanted new designs that were more stylish and on brand. They described their existing presentation designs as “plain” and “uninspiring,” and wanted new designs that would help new employees engage with their training material. Oracle explained that they are strongly invested in their brand and felt it is important that new staff members have a thorough understanding of their brand identity, their sales processes, and their company values.

We met with Oracle’s marketing manager and training manager to discuss their requirements and ambitions for the designs and to review their existing presentation designs. As we reviewed their current PowerPoint presentations, it became clear that the designs did not align with the style of Oracle’s website and their other brand assets. They wanted us to create a new look, style, and theme for the new presentation designs that would be a better representation of the Oracle brand. The presentations provide detailed information about the company, but Oracle wanted the information to be presented in a more professional and engaging way. They also wanted us to source and place high-quality images related to luxury cars and customer service and to create new icons and infographics to create a more visually appealing presentation and enhance the training experience for their inductees.  

Oracle wanted the first PowerPoint presentation to be titled ‘Induction Day 1,’ to include 12 slides of information, including a title slide, and the second titled ‘Induction Day 2,’ to include 28 slides, including a title slide. They provided all the information they wanted us to arrange in the slides, and we agreed we would present the information in a pre-set order determined by Oracle’s training manager.

PowerPoint Design

What we did

Following from our design consultation with Oracle Finance, we secured a copy of their existing induction PowerPoint presentations so we could further assess how best to approach the new design. We reviewed the design brief and began by experimenting with various design themes and layout ideas. We developed three different themes using the Oracle website design and their brand guidelines as inspiration and presented these designs to the Oracle Team for their feedback. Oracle selected their favourite design idea from these options and expressed their wishes that we utilize this design style for the presentation.

The existing Oracle PowerPoint presentations contained a lot of text and did not include any images or graphics. We sourced a series of quality images relevant to Oracle Finance, including images of supercars, classic cars, and customer service themed images, and created a shortlist of the strongest images for use throughout the presentation design. We wanted to develop layout designs that would allow us to include space that would help make the information more digestible, and place related images and graphics alongside the text so that the slides would be more engaging for the audience. We developed layout designs that would allow us to embed images alongside Oracle’s message to create a more interesting and eye-catching presentation.

The two presentations are split into ‘Induction Day 1’ and ‘Induction Day 2’. Individual slide designs included outlining the stages of Oracle’s sales process with new graphic designs, customer service best practices, and the Oracle story. Although the content and information differed in each slide, we wanted to retain the same style across the presentation slides to maintain brand consistency throughout the design. Changing content, and related images, and graphics, accompanied by a consistent design style linking the presentation together. We followed this approach for every slide design and ensured that the presentation flowed naturally from slide and slide and worked well as a complete design. We finished the first draft of the slide designs, then added designs for the title pages, and sent it to Oracle for their feedback. We then reviewed Oracle’s feedback closely, adjusted some of the presentation slides to align with their suggestions, and reviewed the design again before submitting the final design to Oracle for their approval.

Oracle were very happy with the revisions and approved the final designs. We created a digital file for the final approved PowerPoint presentation designs and sent them to Oracle, ready to use and reuse on their training and induction days.

PowerPoint Presentation Design
Professional PowerPoint Design