Spectrum Education

Education Magazine

Spectrum Education is a New Zealand based education company led by Karen Tui Boyes, an expert in effective teaching, learning, and study skills. They are dedicated to transforming education globally, and helping teachers, students, and parents get results. Spectrum publishes an education themed magazine every quarter. ‘Teachers Matter’ was created for teachers of pre-school, primary, and secondary students. It aims to inspire educators to teach effectively and bridge the gap between teaching and learning. First published in 2008, the magazine has contributors from all over the world and is distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Bright, colourful, and packed full of practical ideas for the classroom and the latest thinking on education issues, it includes a range of articles written by education experts aimed at teachers and other education professionals.

What They Asked For

A team of graphic designers to design issues of their quarterly magazine.

Spectrum were looking for a new team of graphic designers to take over the role of managing the design of Teachers Matter magazine. This involved bringing the authors’ contributions together, designing appropriate layouts, imagery, and graphics for the articles, creating contents pages and designing eye-catching front covers.

They explained that they liked the overall design style they already had in place and did not want it to change too much. They were happy with the existing visual style, general layout approach, and colour schemes used in previous issues. Although happy with the general style of the magazine, Spectrum outlined some design elements that they felt needed a fresh new direction for future issues. They highlighted some existing layout designs, text boxes, illustrations, and vector art that they were not happy with and felt would benefit from a redesign.

They wanted us to create new text box and layout designs, source or create better quality illustrations and vector art that would accompany articles and give the magazine design a lift.  blend these new graphic design elements together to complement the existing magazine design style for upcoming issues.

What We Did

We spent time reviewing previous issues of Teachers Matter and making notes to learn more about the magazine’s design, graphics, and layout styles. We evaluated areas for improvement and put a plan in place to bring in new design elements into the latest issue, designing fresh layouts, vector art and illustrations, complimenting and enhancing the general visual style that Spectrum Education wanted. We showed Spectrum design drafts and used their feedback to make design revisions as requested.

As each article in the magazine had its own unique message, we understood it was crucial to absorb the content of each article so that we could create a suitable design and source the most appropriate complimentary images. To preserve a consistent style, the new graphic design elements we created were intended to be subtle but distinct enough to move the magazine design towards a fresh new direction.

We incorporated these new designs into the articles for the new issue, organising and bringing together all contributions from the authors, and sourcing the highest quality images relevant to the topic. We created effective layouts for the articles and pieced the magazine together with a stylish front cover highlighting the lead articles and well-designed contents page.

What They Said

Spectrum were delighted with the new design elements we created for their new issue and our overall management of the magazine design process. Following on from this success, we agreed to continue working with Spectrum on new issues of Teachers Matter and have now worked with them in creating the last 10 issues. We look forward to working with Spectrum Education on more issues in the future.

“Gold Rabbit has done an outstanding job designing our 76 page Teachers Matter Magazine. It looks wonderful. Thanks so much”

Karen Tui Boyes – Founder