Case Study

Graphic Design for Events


Gain Community

GAIN Community, in partnership with One Community is a new partnership with a mission to help organisations become more environmentally sustainable through efficient energy and waste management planning. It has been developed alongside Kirklees Council’s response to the Climate Emergency to secure a commitment from local businesses to take action on sustainability. GAIN help businesses become more sustainable by helping them develop smarter energy and waste management approaches, creating a sustainability strategy unique to every business.

How We Helped

GAIN had recently launched as a new community initiative and were aiming to raise awareness and attract new partners. They were looking for branded designs to outline and advertise the organisation and their key messages at their launch event. This included a PowerPoint presentation design, information booklet designs, and invitations and pull up banner designs. GAIN were also aiming to enhance their online presence, so we designed a series of social media posts and GIFs highlighting Gain’s key messages on their social media platforms.

Facebook and Twitter banner design

What They Said