Tri-fold Flyer Design

What they asked for

A tri-fold flyer design to promote East Riding Youth Dance’s community dance programme.

During our meeting about the design brief, East Riding Youth Dance explained that every year they produce a new tri-fold flyer design to inform their members about new information and the new dance session timetable that will run over the upcoming year. When they first approached us, ERYD expressed that they felt unhappy with their existing flyer design. They wanted the new tri-fold flyer to be more energetic, stylish, and eye-catching, and more reflective of the spirit of East Riding Youth Dance. They didn’t have a logo and were using a basic text-based logo for their brand identity and were happy to have Gold Rabbit suggest a new way forward.

ERYD had a collection of pictures of their dancers in action and they wanted us to select images from this collection and feature them prominently in the new flyer. They explained that they would like us to select a new typeface and a new colour palette for the design. They explained that they would be intending to use the new typeface and colour palette in all their print marketing materials going forward. They wanted Gold Rabbit to create a whole new look and to completely move away from their previous style.

They also wanted the flyer to clearly present important information about the various dates and times of their classes, contact details, and the locations across East Riding of Yorkshire where the classes would be taking place.

tri-fold flyer design

What we did

We secured and reviewed a copy of ERYD’s old flyer and made notes on aspects of the design that we liked and aspects that we thought could be done better. We found their previous flyer difficult to read. The text was too small, and we thought that the colour palette they had used, a pale purple on a white background, was plain and uninspired. We decided to replace these colours with more energetic and vibrant tones that would reflect the energy associated with youth and dancing and would be a better fit for the East Riding Youth Dance brand.

We experimented with different layout ideas for the flyer. We wanted to present the important information about the class dates and locations in such a way that the text would be more visually appealing and easier to read. We divided the text into shorter and more manageable sections so that the viewer could flick through to see and take in the information more easily. We chose a bold and playful font and used a wider range of colours that would allow for the ERYD team to colour code their other platforms and other brand assets. We wanted to create a sense of movement and energy throughout the design, so we created and placed a colourful, flowing wave design that flows through the document, connecting the different sections and guiding the viewer to the relevant information.

ERYD asked us to use images of their dancers for the flyer to give the reader an insight into what the dance performances would look like. For the front cover of the flyer, we selected our favourite images, cut out one of their photographs, removed the background, and placed the image at the centre of the front cover, creating a striking image that overlays the colourful background.

Once we had decided on the design elements, we adjusted the layout, refined the style, brought the elements together, and sent East Riding Youth Dance a draft of the design for their feedback. ERYD were very happy with the design, suggesting only a few minor changes. We reviewed their feedback and refined the flyer design based on their suggestions. Once approved, we sent ERYD the final design in a digital file ready for print. They were so pleased with the tri-fold flyer design that we have agreed we will be designing the ERYD tri-fold flyer next year too.

Before and After

What They Said

“Gold Rabbit designed a fresh brand for our community dance programme, accompanied with social graphics to create a coherent vibe across the board. It’s refreshing to work with designers who ‘get’ the style you’re trying to encapsulate and deliver so efficiently!”

Lauren Frost – East Riding Youth Dance