Social Media Post Templates and Social Media Banners

What they asked for

Social Media Template designs and Banner designs for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

East Riding Youth Dance shared with us that they were looking for new social media post template designs and a social media banner design for their social media accounts. They explained that they manage accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They use these accounts to connect with members, announce important dates and information, and raise awareness about East Riding Youth Dance and encourage more young people to join up.

They wanted us to design digital marketing assets to strengthen their brand visually on social media, create more engaging social media posts, and help raise awareness and promote their classes.  They wanted a branded social media post template design, developed in a style that complements the style we created for their trifold flyer design. They stressed that it was important that their branding is consistent visually across all print and digital media. This design template could then be used as a template in the future to help ERYD create a range of social media posts quickly and easily while maintaining a consistent brand style and look and reinforcing their brand visually.

Alongside the template design, East Ring Youth Dance also wanted us to create branded Facebook and Twitter banner designs that would display the ERYD brand prominently on their social media pages.

Social Media Templates

What we did

We consulted the design brief closely, reviewed the ERYD brand style, and experimented with design and layout ideas that we could apply to the template designs and banner designs. We agreed to present our ideas to ERYD to give them the opportunity to provide feedback, to select their favored ideas, and help us to determine the final designs. We produced simple branded banner designs and a series of social media templates utilising East Riding Youth Dance’s brand colour palette and employing colourful shapes and bold typography that we thought would complement the brand.

We closely examined ERYD’s feedback and selected the strongest banner and template design ideas to develop into the final designs. ERYD wanted a streamlined style for their social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that they could use as templates that could be easily edited. We developed the template design layouts to include spaces in each template where the team at ERYD could easily add text and images without compromising the composition.

Their social media templates were designed with the intention of creating an easy way for the ERYD team to create their own social media posts conveniently and quickly without needing to think about design or layout. The template designs would also make it simple and easy for ERYD to ensure their branding is consistent across all social media channels. The banner designs for Facebook and Twitter employed ERYD’s brand colours and logo to create a simple design that displayed the brand prominently to all visitors to their pages.

We shared the final designs with East Riding Youth Dance for their approval. When they approved the final designs, we created a digital file for the template designs and banner designs and sent them to ERYD ready for use. The new banner designs are now displayed on East Riding Youth Dance social media accounts, and the team regularly use our post template design to create new social media content to connect with their audience and promote their classes.

Social Media Banners and Posts

What They Said

“Gold Rabbit designed a fresh brand for our community dance programme, accompanied with social graphics to create a coherent vibe across the board. It’s refreshing to work with designers who ‘get’ the style you’re trying to encapsulate and deliver so efficiently!”

Lauren Frost – East Riding Youth Dance