Pull Up Banner

What they asked for

A Pull Up Banner Design for display at East Riding Youth Dance events and performances

East Riding Youth Dance wanted a new pull up banner design that would raise awareness of their brand at their events and dance performances. They wanted the design to be bright, clear, and energetic and they wanted it to feature their logo and contact details prominently. The pull up banner they had been using had been designed to align with their previous branding, and they felt that they could no longer use it as it would clash with their new brand style. They anticipated using the banner design regularly and wanted something that would get their message across to a wide audience of young people and parents.

They wanted the banner design to be created so that it could also be used as a template design that could be amended with new images. This would allow ERYD to easily produce new banner designs in the same style, maintaining brand consistency.

They wanted the banner design to be eye-catching to promote their brand, to raise awareness and interest about their dance classes, and to attract new members to join.

Business Pull Up Banner

What we did

Following our design consultation, we reviewed our design brief to ensure we clearly understood the agreed goals for the banner design. We evaluated ERYD’s existing banner design and reviewed their new brand image and discussed how best to approach the new design. We sketched various banner design ideas, experimenting with layout and style, and shortlisted our strongest ideas.

We decided that a simple composition inspired by East Riding Youth Dance’s branding style and our previous design for their Tri-fold flyer would create the most effective and eye-catching design while also maintaining brand consistency. The composition would feature a strong and prominent image with bold text, would create the most effective and eye-catching design.

We used the large image as the focal point of the banner design, adding colourful flowing waves to create a sense of movement, energy, and playfulness. We included the requested information in the design, contact details and a summary of the classes available at East Riding Youth Dance. The composition was created to allow ERYD to easily replace any text or images with different text or images, giving them the opportunity to conveniently create new banners in the future.

Once we put the composition together, we sent a draft of the design to ERYD for their feedback. They were very pleased with the draft and approved the design. We refined the final design, arranged printing and delivery of the banner design, and forwarded the digital files to the printing company. We also sent a copy of digital files to ERYD so they could use the design as a template to create new banner designs in the future.

What They Said

“Gold Rabbit designed a fresh brand for our community dance programme, accompanied with social graphics to create a coherent vibe across the board. It’s refreshing to work with designers who ‘get’ the style you’re trying to encapsulate and deliver so efficiently!”

Lauren Frost – East Riding Youth Dance