Case Study

Brunel Insurance Brokers - London

Document Template Design


Brunel Insurance Brokers – London are part of the Brunel Group, a fully independent broking service for businesses of all sizes within the professional indemnity sector.

In December 2017, the group launched Brunel Insurance Brokers, an independent and chartered insurance brokers to provide clients with insurance services for all commercial classes.

Document Template Design

How We Helped

Document Template Design

Business Presentations and Reports

Brunel were planning a big push for new clients.

They felt that their current business reports, presentations and document template design were underwhelming and were not giving a good enough impression.

They wanted new client brochure and report designs that would present important information in a more professional and engaging way.

They also expressed their need for on-going graphic design support to produce new document designs regularly, as and when needed.

Document Template Design

We designed numerous layouts and sketches for the brochure that presented the company with professionalism and in a fresh new light.

We incorporated feedback from these initial drafts into the final designs.

We explored eye-catching ways to present information by creating stylish graphics and layout designs for the business reports and presentations.

We designed bespoke presentations for client pitches, document templates, and stylish info-graphics.

What they said

Brunel have been using our new brochure and report designs for over a year now. The MD, and other senior brokers, have reported that they feel more confident in presentations and client-facing meetings, and have reported feeling assured in bidding for higher value contracts with our new designs.

We now have an ongoing working relationship with Brunel, providing on-demand graphic design support for their PII department.