Sustainability Flyer

What they asked for

A4 Flyer Design for CORE’s Sustainability Management Service

CORE wanted graphic designers to create a new branded A4 flyer design to advertise their Sustainability Management services. These services provide environmental awareness for businesses as well as efficient and sustainable energy and waste management services. They wanted the flyer to present this information neatly and professionally. CORE explained that they wanted the flyer to be clearly branded with their logo, brand colours, and they wanted their brand slogan ‘Central to Your Success’ present in the design.

They wanted the flyer design to inform the viewer about the benefits of the service and to provide a call to action prompting potential customers to contact CORE via telephone or their website. The key message that CORE wanted to broadcast is that they can help businesses benefit from greater energy efficiency and environmental awareness.

A4 Flyer Design for Energy Company in Huddersfield

What we did

We reviewed CORE’s aims for the flyer and organised the key information that we needed to include in the design. We used CORE’s brand colours as the colour scheme, and brainstormed layout and design ideas. We included extra shades of green to underline the environmental theme of the flyer. We created an eye-catching image to symbolise sustainability management and placed it as the centrepiece of the design. An image of a tree on a green field, inside a light bulb, held in a glowing hand. We presented the key message that CORE can improve business’ efficiency and environmental sustainability in bold text and designed and placed icons to represent the different elements of CORE’s sustainability management services.

We used a faded grey circles pattern, that had been used in previous CORE designs, to underlie the layout and maintain design consistency. CORE’s telephone contact number and website are presented clearly in bold to encourage viewers to contact them for more information.

Throughout the design process, we presented CORE with several flyer design layouts, reviewed their feedback, and used their preferences and feedback to help improve and refine the final design to ensure that we were getting it right and creating a flyer design that the CORE team were totally happy with.

What They Said

“We can highly recommend Gold Rabbit for their excellent design work and fast turnaround. They have delivered football sponsorship boards, display advertising artwork and marketing collateral for us following our recent rebrand and we have been delighted with the quality and timescale. Most of all, the team are really easy to deal with which is so important when everyone is busy and time is scarce. They are local too, which is another great reason for supporting them.”

Gareth Henderson – Chairman