Social Media Post Design

What they asked for

Social Media Post Designs for Digital Adverts and Client Testimonials

CORE wanted us to create a series of digital assets – branded designs for social posts that they could distribute on their social media platforms. They explained that they were looking for social post designs to present and share some recent positive testimonials from clients for marketing purposes, to generate more interest in their services. They wanted the client testimonial designs to be professional and understated, with a simple layout that placed the testimonial at the centre, and they wanted the client logo to be presented clearly underneath the text.

CORE explained that they also wanted us to design two social media posts in the style of digital adverts. One post to advertise a vacancy for a new business executive position at CORE, and one post to advertise CORE’s I.T. security services. They wanted the digital advert designs to emphasise the key message, to employ CORE’s brand colours, and to align with their existing branding.

What we did

We reviewed CORE’s brief for the project and conducted brainstorming sessions where we sketched out design ideas for each social media post.

For the client testimonial post designs, we agreed on a minimal design centring the CORE brand and the text of the client’s testimonial. We divided the layout horizontally in two, creating a border, and presented the testimonial below in white text, with the client’s company logo, overlaying a black background. We used this black/white contrast to highlight the positive testimonial of CORE’s services as the most important element that we wanted the viewer to see. Above the border, we presented a simple high-quality image that reflected the client’s industry. The testimonials selected by CORE were from a legal firm based in Yorkshire and a hospice located in Elland, so we sourced an image of a solicitor’s office and an image of a care worker assisting an elderly patient, and placed them above the testimonials.

For the social media advert designs, we listed the key information that CORE wanted to get across in the adverts, and developed layout and design ideas that would present this information most effectively. For the advert for CORE I.T. services, we decided to present the message directly. We presented the CORE logo at the top, above the bold text ‘Still on Windows 7? We can fix that,’ in CORE’s green and white brand colours, with a prompt to call the CORE I.T. contact number below for an urgent review of your systems and security.

For the job advert for the new business executive role, we sourced an image of a business interview setting, and used it as a background image. We created a translucent box overlaying the image, and placed CORE’s logo at the top, and presented the text ‘Vacancy,’ ‘New Business Executive,’ and ‘Apply now!’ in bold in CORE’s brand colours.

We presented examples of our designs to CORE to ensure they were happy and to give them the opportunity to ask for adjustments or any revisions that they might want. Once CORE had approved the final designs, we also ensured the layouts were optimised for the recommended image sizes for the social media platform that CORE wanted to post the designs on.

What They Said

“We can highly recommend Gold Rabbit for their excellent design work and fast turnaround. They have delivered football sponsorship boards, display advertising artwork and marketing collateral for us following our recent rebrand and we have been delighted with the quality and timescale. Most of all, the team are really easy to deal with which is so important when everyone is busy and time is scarce. They are local too, which is another great reason for supporting them.”

Gareth Henderson – Chairman