PowerPoint Presentation

What they asked for

PowerPoint Presentation Design on CORE’S Sustainability Management Service.

CORE explained that they were planning to give a presentation to promote their sustainability management services. They wanted us to unleash our graphic design skills to create a PowerPoint presentation design as a visual aid to compliment and clarify CORE’s presentation and make it more engaging for the audience.

The presentation explains CORE’s approach to sustainability management in detail over a series of slides, outlining the key elements of the service and explaining the difference these services can make in helping a business reduce its environmental impact and become more sustainable. It also includes a case study and a testimonial from a client. CORE wanted us to design an infographic to represent four key sustainability management figures memorably.

They wanted the presentation design to help tell the story of their sustainability management service. They wanted the slides to create a visually engaging presentation, with images, icons, and other graphic design elements to present important information in an eye-catching and easily digestible way. Although they intended primarily to use the PowerPoint presentation design as a visual aid during presentations, CORE also wanted it to act as a digital information booklet and sales guide that could be easily shared among CORE team members and CORE’s clients.

PowerPoint Presentation for a Sustainability Conference

What we did

Following our meeting with CORE, they sent us the content and informed us about the stages of the presentation and how it would flow. We reviewed the content and organised the information to help us plan out how many slides the presentation would contain and how to arrange the information most effectively.

We brainstormed and experimented with different layout ideas. We developed a simple, professional layout style and colour scheme using CORE’s brand colours. We designed a CORE branded title page with the title ‘What is Sustainability Management?’ presented alongside CORE’s logo and brand slogan. We also developed layout designs for slides dedicated to sustainability management, energy management, waste, and water, with the key information presented in easily digestible bullet-points.

We sourced and placed appropriate images on the slides to represent the themes waste, recycling, water, and the environment, and developed graphics and icons to enhance the design and make the slides more visually engaging. We also created a case study slide summarising the benefits of the service, and a full slide dedicated to a positive testimonial from the client.

We used CORE’s logo throughout the presentation and maintained a consistent professional style that complimented CORE’s existing branding. We used CORE’s green brand colour heavily to underline the environmental theme. Once we were happy with the individual slide designs, we pieced the presentation together. We presented our PowerPoint presentation design to CORE as a draft and asked for their feedback. They suggested a few minor changes to some of the slides. We incorporated these changes into the revisions and delivered the final presentation design to CORE in a digital file.

What They Said

“We can highly recommend Gold Rabbit for their excellent design work and fast turnaround. They have delivered football sponsorship boards, display advertising artwork and marketing collateral for us following our recent rebrand and we have been delighted with the quality and timescale. Most of all, the team are really easy to deal with which is so important when everyone is busy and time is scarce. They are local too, which is another great reason for supporting them.”

Gareth Henderson – Chairman