Company Posters

What they asked for

Series of Poster Designs for CORE’s Key Services

CORE wanted us to create a series of four large, stylised, and eye-catching branded poster designs to promote their key services. They wanted us to create a modern and stylish design to represent and promote four of their most important services – waste management, energy management, facilities management, and I.T. services. They expressed their wish that the posters be in a consistent style so that they would complement each other and could be presented alongside each other as a set. They also wanted the individual posters to have enough specific elements so that each one could function as a standalone poster advertising one of CORE’s services.

They explained that they wanted the posters to be branded, with CORE’s logo present, and they wanted CORE’s telephone number and website address on each poster to prompt the interested viewer to contact CORE for more information. They also wanted each poster to include a slogan with an underlying line of text explaining each service, ‘Rebooted’ for their I.T. services, ‘At Your Disposal’ for their waste management, ‘Switched On,’ for energy management, and ‘Done and Dusted,’ for their facilities management service.

Professional Poster Design

What we did

We began by reviewing CORE’s aims to ensure we understood the brief and had a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve. We experimented with design and layout ideas and brainstormed on how we could best represent CORE’s services visually. We agreed on a layout concept that we would use for the posters. We decided that this common layout would provide the design link to tie the posters together so they would look good as a set. With a common layout in place, this gave us the space and opportunity to focus on making each poster distinct and individual so that it could serve as an eye-catching standalone poster.

We decided on a minimal, modern design approach. We agreed to use relevant images as the background layer of the posters and sourced a shortlist of relevant images that represented CORE’s four services. We shortlisted images of recycling bins for waste management, computer wiring for I.T. services, and lightbulbs for energy. We placed the CORE logo, faded on a translucent black circle background, at the centre of the layout, overlaying the background images. In white text overlaying the translucent black circle, we set CORE’s service slogans in bold capital letters, ‘At Your Disposal,’ for waste management, ‘Rebooted,’ for I.T. services, ‘Done and Dusted’ for facilities management, and ‘Switched On’ for energy.

We decided on the strongest image to use for each poster and styled the images with various filters.  We placed the CORE logo again at the bottom left of the posters, above CORE’s telephone contact number and website address as requested.

We presented CORE with drafts of the poster designs in several styles and asked for their feedback. We refined the designs and made a few changes based on CORE’s feedback. Once CORE approved the final designs, we sent the digital files to CORE for printing. We also created digital copies of the posters so that they could reuse them as digital posters, share them on their social media and use them as part of their email marketing campaigns.

What They Said

“We can highly recommend Gold Rabbit for their excellent design work and fast turnaround. They have delivered football sponsorship boards, display advertising artwork and marketing collateral for us following our recent rebrand and we have been delighted with the quality and timescale. Most of all, the team are really easy to deal with which is so important when everyone is busy and time is scarce. They are local too, which is another great reason for supporting them.”

Gareth Henderson – Chairman