T Shirt Design

What they asked for

CORE Branded T-Shirt Design for ‘CORE in the Community’ organisers and volunteers.

CORE explained that they regularly organise and engage in community and charity fundraising events as part of their ‘CORE in the Community’ initiative. They were looking for graphic designers to create a new branded t-shirt design for the initiative. The t-shirts would be worn by ‘CORE in the Community’ organisers and volunteers at these events. They wanted a new t-shirt design to align with their recent rebrand, to help raise visibility of CORE’s community work, and increase CORE’s brand awareness in the Kirklees and Calderdale areas.

They wanted the design to feature the company logo clearly at the centre and they wanted the overall design to be in a style that would complement their recent rebrand. They specified that they wanted the design to feature the phrases ‘Make a #CORE difference’ prominently on the front, and ‘CORE in the community’ across both the sleeves.

CORE provided examples of t-shirt designs that they liked, and thought would be appropriate for their design. We reviewed these examples and used them as a style guide to give us a good impression of the style that CORE wanted us to capture.

Branded T Shirt Design

What we did

We conducted a brainstorming session, reviewing CORE’s existing brand designs, and sketched out and developed design ideas for the t-shirt based on some of CORE’s favoured t-shirt styles. After a few revisions, we decided to use CORE’s circular logo design as inspiration for the t-shirt design concept. Our simple circle themed design features the CORE logo and the phrase ‘Make a CORE difference’ divided into linked circles across the chest. We employed CORE’s brand colours green, white, black, and a shaded grey, as the colour scheme for the circles and the text on the design. We also placed green circles on both sleeves encircling CORE’s phrase ‘CORE in the Community.’

We presented several variations of our t-shirt designs in a mock-up format to give CORE a good idea of how the t-shirt design would look worn by a model. We asked the CORE team to review these designs and requested they provide any feedback they thought would improve them. We reviewed their feedback and incorporated their suggestions into refining the design to make sure we had achieved a style that best fitted the CORE brand and that the CORE team loved.

Upon ensuring the CORE team were happy with the final design, we arranged for the t-shirts to be printed and delivered to their business address.

What They Said

“We can highly recommend Gold Rabbit for their excellent design work and fast turnaround. They have delivered football sponsorship boards, display advertising artwork and marketing collateral for us following our recent rebrand and we have been delighted with the quality and timescale. Most of all, the team are really easy to deal with which is so important when everyone is busy and time is scarce. They are local too, which is another great reason for supporting them.”

Gareth Henderson – Chairman