Proposal Design

What they asked for

Create a stylish and professional branded proposal template design that Candle Digital can use when sending proposals to clients and bidding for contracts.

Candle Digital expressed interest in a branded redesign for their proposal template document. They explained that they often submit written proposals when bidding for new clients or projects and stated that they were unhappy with their existing proposal template design. They felt that their current proposal document was underwhelming, lacked creativity and flair, and did not create the impression that they wanted.

They wanted a more inspiring proposal template design that would leave a stronger impression and be a more position reflection of Candle Digital to their clients. They felt their existing, generic proposal did not enhance their brand identity or present the business in its best light. As an important client facing document, Candle Digital wanted a more professional and stylish proposal design template that would enhance their brand and help them win new clients.

They wanted Gold Rabbit to design a stylish new proposal template that they could edit and adapt to use when making proposals and bidding for contracts.

Brand Guidelies

What we did

We reviewed Candle Digital’s current proposal document and noted design issues that could be improved. For example, their font, logo, and colour usage throughout the proposal template design did not remain consistent throughout, which tended to affect the professionalism and credibility of the document. We formatted their document template so that all their body text, headings, and brand colours where consistent and in line with their new brand guidelines. This allowed us to then focus on the areas of the proposal that we thought would benefit from more advanced graphic design elements and stylings.

We created stylised title pages to divide important sections of the proposal content and included a contents page design so that the reader could conveniently navigate the proposal. We also included clickable headings on the digital version so the reader can skip to chosen sections easily. We added stylised headers, footers, and a front cover to create a fully branded proposal template from cover to cover. We noticed they tended to use a lot of data tables in their proposal, so we also created a new branded table design so that their data tables remained on-brand and consistent.

The new proposal template is designed to be easily editable and user friendly. Candle Digital can change and edit the proposal template when bidding for each new client or job, adding or removing relevant information, adding new sections if they need to adjust the content.

What They Said

“Before working with Gold Rabbit, pockets of our branding was strong but it was inconsistent and didn’t cover some key customer touch points. They took the time to understand our business and what we were trying to achieve, then turned this into some wonderful document and proposal templates that have become a real business asset. They help us look our best to our clients and create a more rounded Candle Digital experience. We will continue to work with Gold Rabbit for any branding needs we have. Recommended!”

Andy Jack, Co-founder Candle Digital