Brand Guidelines

What they asked for

Create Brand Guidelines to develop and clarify Candle Digital’s branding and to provide guidelines on how best to use their brand assets in print and digital formats.

We met with Candle Digital to discuss what they wanted their new brand guidelines to address. We discussed their existing branding and suite of brand assets, their company values, and their goals for the future. We also conducted our own research into Candle Digital and their market to get a better understanding of their current position. We also talked about what they thought was missing and what they hoped we would address.

They expressed interest in a set of detailed brand guidelines created by experienced graphic designers so that they could gain a clearer understanding of their brand assets and how to employ them more successfully. They were often using colours or fonts that did not align with their branding. They explained that in their experience they have been finding it difficult to keep their branding consistent across different platforms, and between print and digital documents.

Company Brand Guidelines

What we did

Following our meeting, we reviewed Candle Digital’s current brand guidelines and looked over our notes from the meeting. We brainstormed ideas that we thought would address their goals and give them a valuable reference guide that they could use across print and digital. We wanted to present a series of clear, consistent guidelines informed by our branding and graphic design experience.

We revised and strengthened Candle Digital’s brand colour palette and refined their primary and secondary brand fonts. We then used these primary materials as a foundation to develop other designs. They expressed how they felt limited by only having one version of their main logo. We developed their logo design and created numerous variations, including a landscape logo, single colour variation logos, and vector files and high-resolution images files. We compiled these together into a new logo folder pack. With their brand identity now more crystalised, we were able to produce a set of guidelines that included clear statements about their company values, the range of logo variations, colour palette values, font types, and guides on how to implement their brand consistently across print and digital formats.

Candle Digital were thrilled with our design guide. They said they are finding our logo folder pack, guidebook and style guide very helpful in their day-to-day work. They feel they now have an invaluable reference guide that they can consult whenever implementing their brand to ensure consistency across all platforms and client-facing documents. They have recently used our guidelines to adapt and restyle new company documents and feel confident moving forward with their brand with our brand guidelines in hand.

What They Said

“Before working with Gold Rabbit, pockets of our branding was strong but it was inconsistent and didn’t cover some key customer touch points. They took the time to understand our business and what we were trying to achieve, then turned this into some wonderful document and proposal templates that have become a real business asset. They help us look our best to our clients and create a more rounded Candle Digital experience. We will continue to work with Gold Rabbit for any branding needs we have. Recommended!”

Andy Jack, Co-founder Candle Digital