Document Template Design

What They Asked For

A branded and editable A4 document template design in Microsoft Word format for BiteSize Learning’s training modules.

BiteSize Learning explained that at the beginning of their training courses they distribute an A4 document to learners that outlines details about the course, including a brief overview, the course elements, and the skills that the attendees will learn. BiteSize had been creating these A4 documents before each new course, with their consultants and training coaches designing their own A4 module documents. They did not have a distinctive document layout design style and so their module document designs were inconsistent, and in different styles that did not align with the BiteSize Learning brand. They also felt it was time consuming and inefficient to have to create a new document for every session.

They wanted to have a well-designed and branded document design template that could be easily edited and used for every new training course that they provide. They wanted Gold Rabbit to design a new module document in a style that compliments their existing branding. They wanted us to create an easy to edit and easy to use template so that the whole team can create a BiteSize branded module document easily. They asked for the document template to be designed in landscape format and they wanted the template design to fit onto a single page.

Document Template Design

What We Did

We learned that the BiteSize Learning team were most familiar with using Microsoft Word. They requested that we create the document template design in Word as they would find it easier to edit and create their own module document in this format.

We reviewed some examples of BiteSize Learning’s existing A4 module documents and experimented with different layout ideas that we thought would work well in landscape format and would allow us to place everything on one page. Once we had settled on a suitable landscape layout design, we began to piece together the elements of the document design. We presented the BiteSize Learning logo and space for the title of the course in the header of the page, and their website address and contact details in the footer. We used the BiteSize brand colours to colour the borders, headlines, and tables. We used the rest of the space to create tables and text box spaces that could be easily edited to add the key course elements and new skills participants would learn on their new course.

BiteSize requested the template design should be limited to one page. This restriction guided us in creating the most suitable layout design that would be both simple and stylish. We presented the finished template design to BiteSize Learning for their feedback, and made minor adjustments based on their suggestions. Once the final design had been approved, we sent the document design to BiteSize Learning as a Microsoft Word document file ready for use.

What They Said

“As a training Company, the design of our training slide decks is important. Gold Rabbit helped us to create memorable and exciting material that not only reinforces our brand but also enhances the learner’s experience.”

Paul Hodder – BiteSize Learning