PowerPoint Presentation Design

What They Asked For

A branded and editable PowerPoint Presentation Design template for BiteSize Learning’s training courses.

BiteSize Learning uses PowerPoint Presentations as an aid to help deliver their training sessions. They explained that to date they had been creating a new PowerPoint presentation design for every presentation and training session. They believed this was inefficient and time consuming and tended to lead to design inconsistencies as they did not have design guidelines and their trainers are not design specialists. They wanted Gold Rabbit to create a professional PowerPoint presentation design template that their trainers could use when putting together their presentations and training sessions. They wanted the presentation design template to help them to maintain a consistent design throughout their range of courses and presentations to strengthen their brand identity. Their team focuses on developing training and coaching and do not have the design skills to be able to create a high quality new presentation for each session. They wanted us to develop a full redesign of their presentation template, and to create a full set of new data graphics such as infographics, charts, graphs, organisation charts and icons that could be used in their presentations.

BiteSize wanted to give us the creative freedom to design the template. Their only design requirement was that they wanted us to employ their brand colours in our design ideas. We discussed BiteSize Learning’s presentation with their Director Paul Hodder. He gave us a full breakdown of how their team uses their templates and described what they don’t like about their current templates. We discussed what they were looking for in terms of style, design, and ease of use for their team.

BiteSize Learning had recently completed a redesign of their website. They wanted us to incorporate the style of their new website into the PowerPoint template. They wanted us to create a master template that any team member would find easy to use and edit. This includes features that would allow them to change images, add icons, edit texts, and use new slide layout templates with just a few clicks.

Training Presentation Design

What We Did

Following our meeting and design brief with BiteSize Learning, we spend time researching PowerPoint presentation examples in the learning and training sector. We brainstormed various design and layout ideas and created a shortlist of the strongest designs. We understood that BiteSize Learning’s existing PowerPoint designs did not have a cohesive design style. Their presentations used design elements from their new branding and mixed them with elements from their old branding. We wanted to refine their design elements and bring the style together to closely align with the style of their new website. We reviewed one of their most recent training presentations to understand what could be improved and developed ideas on how to create a more engaging style that could be adapted for any of their courses.

We presented BiteSize learning with two example styles for their feedback. They selected their favoured style and confirmed they were happy for us to develop the PowerPoint presentation template in this style. Once this design  had been agreed, we developed the design and layout of each slide of the presentation, ensuring a visual harmony and a consistent look throughout. We created a title page, placed text boxes, and designed and placed new infographics, charts, and graphs, incorporating BiteSize Learning’s five coloured circles branding element and their brand colours into the design.

We sent the final design of the PowerPoint presentation to BiteSize Learning for their approval. Once the final design was approved, we developed our design into a fully editable, easy to use master template that the BiteSize Learning team could use and adapt for new presentations and training sessions. We then sent this template design to BiteSize learning as a digital file ready for use.

What They Said

“As a training Company, the design of our training slide decks is important. Gold Rabbit helped us to create memorable and exciting material that not only reinforces our brand but also enhances the learner’s experience.”

Paul Hodder – BiteSize Learning

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