Case Study

BiteSize Learning

A Learning, Development and Personal Effectiveness training provider

BiteSize Learning is a Learning, Development and Coaching provider based in Bedford, Bedfordshire. Their BiteSize courses offer training for businesses and organisations in a range of different topics, including leadership development, personal effectiveness, sales, communication, and wellbeing. They also offer interactive courses for remote and hybrid working and tailored programmes to support their client’s in-house initiatives. BiteSize Learning helps companies deliver developmental solutions to their teams and maximise learning in the workplace. They provide a wide range of ready-made courses for companies and organisations including compliance, selling, and hybrid working. Their consultants use a range of tools including CBT, NLP, action learning and project management techniques. Their leadership development and personal effectiveness training courses are designed to increase performance and improve communication and wellbeing, and their bespoke training packages are tailor-made to suit specific business needs. They can deliver their courses at workplaces and remotely.

BiteSize Learning explained that they were looking for graphic designers to create and develop a new PowerPoint Presentation design template that they could use and adapt in their various training courses and presentations. They explained that their team is focused on developing and delivering training courses and don’t have the design skills to create professional and visually appealing presentations for their sessions. They wanted our template design to be easily editable so that their trainers could employ the new template design on their training material. BiteSize Learning also wanted us to design new infographics, charts, graphs, and icons, and incorporate these new designs into the PowerPoint presentation template.

Alongside the new PowerPoint presentation design, BiteSize Learning explained that they also offer a branded A4 document that outlines the details and schedule for their courses. This document is distributed to new learners at the beginning of the course. They wanted us to create a new A4 document design template that could be easily adapted for their different training modules.

We discussed BiteSize Learning’s goals and timeframe and established a clear deadline for delivery. We discussed our design process and outlined our timeline and any design elements that BiteSize Learning wanted us to include. We agreed to a timetable to ensure that the process was clearly understood as the design developed, and to ensure they would be happy with the final designs and they would be delivered on schedule.

What They Said

“As a training Company, the design of our training slide decks is important. Gold Rabbit helped us to create memorable and exciting material that not only reinforces our brand but also enhances the learner’s experience.”

Paul Hodder – BiteSize Learning