The Importance of Colour in Graphic Design

colour in graphic design

Contents Colour in Graphic Design Colour is a universal language and a powerful communication tool. Of all the elements that make up a visual design, colour is perhaps the most vital and influential. Research conducted by psychologists and marketers have highlighted how colour can influence our emotions and perceptions. Colour schemes are often used to […]

Why Your Business Needs Brand Guidelines

style guidelines

Does your business have brand guidelines or a brand style guide? Perhaps you’re not clear exactly what brand guidelines are or why you would need them. If this sounds familiar, this blog is for you. Brand guidelines provide the framework to express the core identity of a business using consistent design elements and sets out […]

Step by Step Design Process

Design Process

As a Graphic Design agency, we know how important and productive it is to have a well-established design process. A defined process leads to greater clarity between designers and clients, it leads to better designs, and it minimises potential mistakes or miscommunication.

5 Common Graphic Design Mistakes to Avoid.

Common graphic design mistakes

There are many different aspects to consider when working on a design. While quality, professional designs boost brand awareness and enhance trust, mistakes or poor decisions in the design process can undermine a business’ image and credibility and do damage to their brand.

5 Top Tricks to Improve Your Social Media Branding

How to improve your social media branding

Social media has quickly become a powerful marketing tool for businesses and organisations. In addition to print media, newsletters, and broadcasting adverts, social media has emerged as an important channel where companies can raise awareness and connect with their customers. Below we outline 5 things to think about to help you improve your social media branding.